Let Your Crypto Work For You.

Get access to low interest loans instantly while keeping your crypto.

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How the BOH platform works


Why we’re the Right Fit


Secure Wallet

We provide you the ability to keep your money in a safe and secure wallet. We ensure that your private keys are encrypted with your wallet password that can be accessed only by you.


Earn Interest

Our smooth user-experience platform opens up the opportunity for you to earn interest or borrow money at your discretion without having the need to liquidate your crypto holdings.


No Transaction Fees

Presently, we don’t charge any transaction fees. You don’t have to worry about paying any extra fee when transferring money from one party to another, except for the MakerDAO fee.


Get up to 17000 BOH tokens


Company Roadmap


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bank of Hodlers?

Bank of Hodlers aims to provide its users with a customer-centric banking solution leveraging blockchain. We intend to treat your cryptocurrencies as a separate asset class and offer services that ensure technologies based on the blockchain are usable as of today.

What are your products?

Our first product is an asset backed lending and borrowing platform that currently supports BTC, ETH, DAI and TUSD. We plan on adding more financial services for the customers, and will let you know when we start working on the next product.

Are there any fees?

As of now, the Bank of Hodlers is not charging any transaction fees. However, the underlying MakerDAO protocol has a varying stability fee.

Who is on the team?

Our team is led by Darshan Bathija (CEO) and Sanju Sony Kurian (CTO). You can view the entire team here.

Where do I signup?

Click here to sign up to our asset-backed lending product.



Our Vision

The wave of customer-centricity somehow skipped banking. Banks today put themselves before the customer, every step of the way. The system is controlled by a few, so it benefits the few.

We want to change that.

We’re building a community and user-centric banking solution for people who would like to bank on the blockchain but can’t because of its restrictions.