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Bank of
Overdraft companies Centralised Lending companies P2P Lending companies
Can borrow in USD Yes Yes Yes No
Hodlers earn interest Yes No Yes No
Cross chain capability Yes Yes Yes No
Payment solution - cards that work Credit and debit cards credit cards No No
User interface Intuitive Decent Intuitive - complicated (depends on the company) Very complicated. Only for coders
Min Loan amount $0 $1000 $100 $0
Capital locked? Yes, but with complete access to payments Yes Yes Yes
Waiting time for a loan 30 minutes 30-60 minutes 2 days - weeks 2-4 hours
Loan to Value Up to 67% Up to 50% Up to 75% Up to 75%
Focus on security of assets Yes No No No
Amount loaned so far Pre Launch ~$30,000,000 ~30,000,000 ~$5,000,000
Loan visibility Public Private as of today Private as of today Public
Withdrawal Procedure Bank transfer in any currency or wallet deposit & the line of credit in the card Line of credit offered on a card. Bank transfer in any currency or wallet deposit of a cryptocurrency Coins are deposited in your crypto wallet